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Teddy Bears Safety Pin Brooch | Multicolor Cartoon Charm | Friendship Series | Dangling Charm Decoration | Cute Enamel Character Pendant

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Teddy Bears Safety Pin Brooch

Introducing a unique and vibrant collection of bear-shaped pins that will captivate your senses.
These pins feature adorable bears in shades of orange, pink, and purple, radiating a bright and lovable aura.
Each bear is meticulously crafted with different expressions and poses, adding personality and charm.
These versatile pins can be adorned on clothing, bags, caps, jackets, or wherever you want to express yourself!
They allow you to create a distinctive and eye-catching look, showcasing your individuality and style.
Perfect for daily items or as a thoughtful gift, these pins are sure to win the hearts of Teddy Bears fans and bear enthusiasts alike.

Width: 5.2cm
Height: 4.2cm
Materials: Brass, Enamel