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Leg Warmers


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Sweetie Leg Warmers - a touch of nostalgic charm combined with modern comfort. These leg warmers offer a slightly flared fit with a delightful string tie-up style, adding a playful twist to your ensemble. Crafted from a lightweight blend of spandex and polyester, they provide a thin layer of warmth that's perfect for year-round wear.

Inspired by the iconic 2000s vibes, our "Sweetie" Leg Warmers invite you to embrace a trend that's both timeless and trendy. Whether you pair them with chunky shoes for a casual look or wear them alongside an exercise leotard or leggings for a sporty flair, these leg warmers effortlessly elevate your style.

- Blend of spandex, and polyester
- Slightly flared fit
- String tie-up style