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Unleash your daring side with Shoshana's ballet-core-inspired ear cuff! Featuring a lace-up design with a ribbon dangle and a mini pink cubic stone, this feminine yet edgy accessory will add a trendy touch to any outfit. Embrace the challenge and elevate your style with Shoshana.

This ear cuff is meticulously crafted from nickel-free plated brass, ensuring both style and comfort. It's designed to be worn without a piercing hole-simply slide it onto your conch, snug, or helix area by gently opening the hoop. Please be mindful not to exert excessive force while adjusting to maintain the jewelry's shape and integrity.

-Nickel-free plated brass
-Type A: Short lace-up ear cuff with pink stone ribbon
-Type A Earcuff: 13mm(dia)*9.6mm
-Type A Ribbon: 15*22.5mm

-Type B: Long lace-up ear cuff with an attached solid ribbon
-Type B Earcuff: 10.8mm(dia)*22.7mm
-Type B Ribbon: 9.4*14.4mm

-Sold as a single-piece ($20/pair)