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Phone Grips

Serene Bloom

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Serene Bloom Phone Grip, Pastel Puffy Flower Pop-out Charm

Please be advised that the Bloom Phone Grip features a beautifully crafted Bloom Charm that is both big and painted with epoxy for added durability and charm. However, please note that due to the nature of the charm, light scratches may occur over time with regular use. We kindly ask for your understanding that these minor imperfections are not eligible for return as they do not affect the functionality or overall appeal of the product.

To ensure optimal usage and longevity, please make sure to securely set the pop-out grip between your fingers for a comfortable hold. Additionally, we recommend avoiding excessive pressure on the flower charm, as this may loosen the attachment to the grip. With proper care, you can enjoy the functionality and beauty of the Bloom Phone Grip for an extended period.

- Flower Width: 60mm (approx. 2.36")
- Pop Out Holder: PC