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Mischievous Friends Floral Chain Bracelet | Adjustable Charm Band | Friendship Series | Dangling Charm Decoration | Cute Enamel Pendant

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Mischievous Friends Floral Chain Bracelet

Introducing a charming bracelet adorned with adorable character charms, inspired by the playful spirit of friendship.
This delightful bracelet showcases a mischievous rabbit charm and a cheerful rabbit charm, symbolizing the joyous bond between friends.
Crafted with a beautiful flower-patterned chain, this bracelet exudes a whimsical and feminine touch.
Each charm represents the unique qualities of friendship, reminding us to cherish the special connections we share.
Let this enchanting bracelet adorn your wrist, serving as a symbol of the precious bonds that bring happiness to our lives.

Bracelet length: 15cm+6cm
Materials: Brass, Enamel, Beads