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Luminia Piercing Type Earrings | Connected Surgical Steel Piercing | Helix Barbell Stud | Elegant Cartilage Crystal Earrings

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The 'Luminia' earrings are a stunning addition to any jewelry collection!
This connected earring design is a popular and trendy style of the season.
The Luminia earrings offer two different options, both featuring crystals and mother of pearls skewed chain.
'Type A' has two barbell piercings connected with the jeweled chain, while 'Type B" has one barbell piercing with a chain that can be worn dropped or connected to the backside of the ear.
The crystals have a beautiful briolette cut and give the earrings a mini chandelier-like appearance.

Please note that these earrings require extra care, as they should be avoided from pulling out and getting caught in your hair.
And this earring is sold as a single piece and has a post thickness of 1.2mm.

∙ Surgical Steel Post & Ball
∙ 1.2mm post thickness
∙ 6mm post length
∙ Type A: 6cm chain length
∙ Type B: 4cm chain length
∙ 4mm diameter Screw closure type ball back
∙ Sold as a Piece