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Cotton Tail

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Add a playful touch to your outfit with the 'COTTON TAIL' earrings.
These stud earrings feature the winking face of a rabbit with a hollow cut-out design.
With a comfortable and secure fit, these earrings are perfect for daily wear.

Please refrain from pulling or twisting the post and head stud when trying to replace the bar, as they have been cured and attached. Keep in mind that surgical steel may appear darker in color compared to other alloys, but this has been specifically chosen for its hypoallergenic properties, reducing the likelihood of allergies.

- Surgical Steel Post & Ball & Head
-1.2mm post thickness
- 6mm post length
- 4mm diameter Screw closure type ball back

- Offered as a single piece (If you desire a pair, please choose a quantity of 2, $8/pair)